Tyler Tilley Abstract/Figurative Painter From Toronto, Currently residing somewhere in Bangkok, Thailand Age: 36

Tyler Tilley has the ability to sell self-destruction, to capture raw emotions and unconscious thought; believing artwork is a personal currency. When creating expressionistic abstract, much of the energy stems from combining the present moment along with his bizarre past: addiction & recovery, amateur boxing, teaching in China… the list goes on. Tilley has been experimenting with art his entire life, though it wasn’t until his mid 20's that art went from an outlet to a passion to a career and now to an obsession.

“Raising Colour” is termed as Tilley’s signature series and has taken over four years to discover. This body of work is best described as a cross section of the emotions and experiences leading up to this point. Like a catalogue of personal history; the myriad of colours reflects the mindscape of the artist as he paints. The application of epoxy resin between layers elevates different sections off the two dimensional plane—allowing the audience to dissect the work by looking within and through the painting, the same can be done to the individual. Within every piece, each colour represents an emotion; each layer a significant moment and each work a window into the artist.

 “I believe my finished work imprints exactly who I am: bursts of colour, dark pits of mud, layers of mutation, sprays of passion and frequent instalments of arguing thoughts. Art haunts me. It teases me. It pleasures me. It fills me up. It is an outlet that has allowed all my thoughts, ideas, dreams filter into one direction. I don’t really care to be understood, hence abstract being my crux. The overall message is there is no message—I just want you to feel something, to be pulled in, get inspired and then go do something great!”